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Fulham School, London, is a co-educational, independent school for children aged 3 to 18 years old. We are proud to be a leading private school in London, and remain committed to providing high-quality education that enables students to discover their full potential in a supportive, inspirational environment. At our school, students attain personal and academic achievement through a child-centred methodology which seeks to highlight, nurture, and develop their unique abilities.

For over 25 years, Fulham School has sought to help children cultivate a love of learning. From Nursery to Sixth Form, students are well-equipped with a robust curriculum and modern competencies to flourish in an ever-changing environment. Every child is perfectly unique, and as they grow, they are encouraged to understand the value of their contributions to our school and their local and global communities.

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Why Choose Fulham School?

Fulham School helps children identify and develop their talents to give them the confidence to embrace challenges in other areas. From the most academic child to the most creative, to the most driven to the most supportive - our young students are encouraged to take delight in the learning process.

Rather than worry about achieving high grades in a pressurised environment, children are encouraged to discover, inquire and explore topics through practical lessons, excellent resources, open discussions and exciting excursions. This approach leads to long-lasting personal and academic success through an enjoyable and effective process.

The Fulham School community nurtures lifelong learners who are driven by discovery and achieve more than they ever expected. Our students gain a well-rounded, private education complemented by extensive curricular and extracurricular activities to broaden their horizons. At our independent school, boys and girls study peacefully alongside one another. We are proud that pupils of all abilities respect their peers, knowing that every individual has unique gifts that they can share and build upon.

Our passionate teachers are as keen to learn and evolve as their students. They stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge pedagogical methods and are passionate about their fields of expertise. At Fulham School, our students' well-being and long-term outcomes are at the heart of our practices: while good schools achieve good results, great schools empower children to reach their most fulfilling goals.

Outstanding Preparation for 11+ and 13+ Examinations

Exceptional exam preparation in a stress-free environment ensures student well-being and outstanding results

Personalised Methodology

Our practical, child-centred approach considers multiple learning styles and offers individualised attention

A Gateway to The World

Exciting international opportunities as an Inspired student, collaborating with more than 110 premium schools worldwide

Over 25 Years of Experience

Offering academic excellence through effective, interactive and relevant modern education

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A Levels

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A Word From Our Head

Fulham school head

I am delighted to offer you a warm welcome to Fulham School. I am personally very proud of every part of this school and the all-round, inclusive and forward-thinking education you will find here.

We provide life skills, the ability to make connections between and beyond subjects and the opportunity to work together to achieve more than any individual can alone, all in a modern and future-looking learning environment; these are the things that make us distinctive.

Bex Tear

An Inspired School

Global Education in the Heart of London

Fulham School delivers a diverse and varied UK education. Our school's ethos is aligned with Inspired Education, one of the largest global schools groups in the world.

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Rafael absolutely loves his school. It's a place where all the children are given the potential to shine and thrive to their best selves. It's wonderful to see the admiration and respect the students have for their teachers, as well as each other. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place!

— Marcia, Parent of Year 7 pupil

I would like to extend our genuine thanks to the school for the pastoral and academic support given to Nicolas. We have seen him grow into a much more independent and curious young man since he joined the school.

— Parent of Nicholas

She is so proud of her achievements at Fulham. Stephen and I were so touched and proud when we heard Mr Rosenthal mention her name at the achievements ceremony. We could not have hoped for a better way for her to finish at Fulham Prep. Most importantly, she has made strong friendships, which we are delighted will accompany her at Fulham Senior.

— Parent of Student

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