At Fulham Senior our stage of the pupils’ educational journey has a real future focus and you can sense it the minute you walk through the doors of our fresh and modern campus in the heart of Fulham. 

Pupils moving to the Seniors are already making choices about their options, be it GCSEs or A-levels, and we want all our pupils to excel in the areas that they care most about. However, we also know it is vital that they have a strong suite of life skills, plenty of resilience, independence of mind and confidence of spirit; they face changing and challenging futures in our fast-paced world and we see our role as creating a foundation for navigating that, in addition to enabling the next stage of their education. Our curriculum couples an excellent traditional education in core subjects with an array of wider activities that allow each individual to find their strengths and grow in confidence. We seek to embed life skills: to develop the ability to make connections between and beyond subjects, to ignite the capability to think creatively, to enhance communication and collaboration and, alongside all of this, to embed an understanding that by working together, we achieve more than any individual can alone and ultimately, this is what will unleash the confidence to be ambitious. 

Specialist teachers and support staff inspire our pupils to work to the limits of their potential and prepare them for the next steps in life as they also know more about themselves and develop a broad range of interests. Our close-knit, global community celebrates individuality, kindness, and initiative and works together to achieve more: theme weeks where all pupils collaborate, innovate and create; year-groups small enough that everyone properly knows everyone else, is exposed to opportunity and gets involved, but large enough to be challenged and drawn out; above all, personal attention, recognition and celebration from teachers who care deeply about every individual’s progress. 

Fulham Seniors is the distinctive final stage of our Fulham School journey and we believe it is a wonderful opportunity for young people to ready themselves for their future. I do hope that you will come and visit the school, see first-hand the opportunities that lie beyond its doors and sense how Fulham Seniors could propel your ambition.

Bex Tear
Executive Head of Fulham School