At the centre of our ethos is a commitment to encouraging students to thrive in their own way. We do this by providing students with a platform on which they can be the best version of themselves.

Our rigorous and robust structure of inspiring teachers means we are there for students at every stage. Form tutors are the student’s first point of contact and someone who they will meet with every day.

Through our commitment to collaborative working, students begin each day by being introduced to a wide variety of topics through group discussion, activities and team building.

Students will be able to speak to a range of advisors to help them plan for their career, university choices and to assist with work experience placements. Our advisors are there to guide students in making the right decisions for them and their future.

The wellbeing of all students is our priority, and we work together as a community to build their confidence, strength and resilience. We are non-selective and celebrate students across a wide range of abilities. No student is ever overlooked or left behind, and we keep a careful and close eye of each individual in our care.