The tutor system is at the heart of the school day and of each pupil’s journey through the school. Pupils see their tutor every day and the tutor is the first point of call for pastoral issues. Some of the difficulties pupils experience can be addressed via this everyday support. For other issues tutors involve senior pastoral specialists who work closely with pupils and families to help them deal with the complex challenges young people can face at this stage of study.

The wellbeing of all pupils in our care is our first priority, and we all work together as a community to explore issues around health and resilience. Good support is as much about positive mental health and equipping young people to face challenges as about responding effectively when times are tough.

Our tutor system has two distinctive features that we think underpins its strength.


A mixture of year-group and vertical meetings

The primary tutor group is within year-groups. This enables tutors to help pupils with the particular challenges each year at school presents and also to help with the administration of school life, from team sports to drama performances and exams. However, each week tutor forms link up with forms in other year groups and learn and communicate together. This improves inter-year cohesion and gives all pupils the opportunity to play a mentoring and guidance role among their peers.


Tutorial Projects

We believe that people get along with each other best, and learn to appreciate each other’s talents most, when they are working together. Our tutorial and PSHE programme includes frequent projects and challenges where each group is asked to undertake research or produce an outcome to share with others within school. Alongside pupil-led conversation and taught PSHE elements this is what brings to life the tutorial programme, and the close-knit peer and teacher support of individuals it represents.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
All pupils at the Greyhound Road site are supported by a hugely experienced and dedicated SEND team. The Senior School has its own co-ordinator who works closely with teachers on individual plans for students. Our approach is for all teachers to engage with different learning styles and needs, supported by specialist advice: learning needs are the responsibility of all, not just one department. Small classes and frequent individual meetings and advice allow all teachers and students to engage in a dialogue that works for the individual.