As the school continues to grow and evolve we intend to prepare pupils for a wide range of destinations after sixth form study.

For us a hallmark of a successful school is not that many of its students go to the same destinations, even if they are competitive or sought after; it is that each pupil has the confidence, self-knowledge and sense of purpose to find the course, university or employment opportunity that is right for them.

Just as Fulham Prep continues to ready its pupils for a wide range of secondary schools so Fulham Senior will encourage diversity of outcome. A perfect year for us would see some pupils being supported to secure places at the most prestigious universities in the UK and US; others finding courses at some of the very many superb universities outside the traditional top few; others going on to Arts Foundation or other creative options; others to employment and apprenticeships; still others to entrepreneurial opportunities. It is by diversity of outcome that schools pledging to support the individual journeys of their pupils should be judged.

It has been very apparent in recent years that employment is changing rapidly, and parents and schools know they face the challenge of preparing children for careers that may not yet exist. Some high-profile employers are no longer considering the university or degree outcomes of applicants, in part to increase the diversity of their workforce. This is why Fulham’s chief goal will always be to encourage the confidence and skills to enable students to jump at, not shrink from challenges, and make the most of what is in front of them when they come to find their way in the world.