Fulham School Uniform

Identity, Belonging and Pride

Every child is a valued member of our community, and our school uniform encourages a sense of identity, belonging and pride in our pupils. There is a compulsory school uniform for children in Reception to Year 11. Items are designed to be colourful, comfortable and practical, and are popular with parents and children alike.

Upon admission, parents will receive a full uniform list and may visit The Schoolwear Specialists, either online at www.theschoolwearspecialists.co.uk or in person at the retailers shop close to the school on Greyhound Lane.

The Fulham School Parents Association organises second-hand uniform sales several times a year.

school uniform kit

Sixth Form

In Sixth Form, pupils are not required to wear a uniform and may wear smart/casual business attire, following a dress code representative of a modern work environment. However, at this level, those in Years 12 and 13 are expected to wear the Fulham School sports kit for physical activities, tournaments and games.

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