At Fulham School, among the vast range of activities all pupils undertake, and across the diverse range of talents and interests they represent, we cherish one value above all others: kindness. We believe that kindness should always be in the minds of everyone in this community and that everyone should engage in conscious acts of kindness every day.

Our commitment to charitable causes is founded on this belief in kindness that is shared among our community and stretches beyond it. It is important that our children are aware of the wider world and that many of its citizens are less fortunate than them.

The school seeks to instil a sense of compassion, empathy and responsibility in all our pupils. We are involved in many projects which allow the children to give back to society. Each year children elect a charity which the school supports, there are opportunities to volunteer to support the homeless through the local church, and the Parents’ Association holds a variety of fundraising events which generate funds for charitable donations.

Charity of the Year

This year’s charity is the West London Action for Children.