Giving Back, charity

At Fulham School, we cherish one value above all others: global responsibility

Everyone in our community is encouraged to be mindful of our individual and collective global responsibilities by practising compassion, respect and awareness in all we do.

Global responsibility is the cornerstone of our commitment to charitable causes. This outlook is shared within our community and the effects of our approach reach far beyond our school in London. Children are encouraged to learn about the world around them, which leads them to gain an awareness of the less fortunate circumstances faced by many people in the UK and across the globe.

Charity Of The Year

We seek to instil the key values of compassion, empathy and responsibility, and our school's involvement in various projects allows the children to give back to society. Each year, students elect a charity which the school then supports. To show our dedication to those around us, children may decide to assist the homeless through our local church or help the Parents’ Association organise a variety of fundraising events to generate funds for charitable donations.

This year’s charity is the Doorstep Library.

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