Learning is life’s greatest adventure and at Fulham Prep we want every child to arrive each day with a sense of joy, excitement and wonder at what lies ahead. School should be fun and our innovative curriculum, relaxed and happy ethos and excellent teachers, offer just that, in and beyond the classroom.

We want our children to find what they love and to feel inspired to explore those areas with open hearts and minds. That can happen because of our strong commitment to each individual and the school’s uniquely supportive environment in which all children feel valued and able to contribute on a daily basis.

We value kindness and service to others, which we see everyday in the warm relationships between our staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves. There is nothing more important than being kind and a day does not go by when it is not seen in a thousand ways across this wonderful school. We seek to develop young people with a sense of gratitude, an understanding of responsibility and a deep and genuine care for others.

When asked what they most love about their school, our children are quick to talk about their teachers and for good reason. At Fulham Prep we are fortunate to have such a professional, committed and caring staff who share their sense of fun and joy with the pupils as they seek to support each child in an individual way. When our pupils come to think of their future schools, they will face a dizzying array of options. Some will continue on to Fulham Senior. Others will seek places at a great variety of day or boarding schools. Wherever they go next, we want them to face their futures full of confidence and good heart, with dozens of adventures under their belts, with great friends, well-informed minds and with the intellectual confidence and resilience not only to take on the challenges ahead of them but to actively seek them out. Fulham Prep children are ready for anything.

We hope our website gives a flavour of life at Fulham Prep but there is no substitute for a visit in person to feel for yourselves what makes this such a special place to come to school. Fun and joy abound. There is a real sense of excitement and ambition as the school continues to develop. I look forward to welcoming you.

Neill Lunnon
Head, Fulham Prep