In Year 3, their first year at the school, children are taught by form teachers. This relationship is at the heart of the individual attention and care given to all pupils. From Year 4 onwards pupils have specialist lessons but begin and end each day with form tutors who ensure a continuity of well-informed care and support.

All tutors and teachers are supported by the Head of Year team, lead by the Deputy Head Pastoral. A full programme of personal development lessons and assemblies is in place so that pupils learn about a wide range of issues and are well-informed, as well as being individually supported with any difficulties they may be experiencing as individuals.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

All pupils are supported by a hugely experienced and dedicated SEND team. The team works closely with the teaching staff: our belief is that all teachers should engage with different learning styles and needs, supported by specialist advice. In addition, there is the opportunity for dedicated one-on-one support as needed.



We use the House system to encourage positive interaction among children of different ages. House Points can be awarded for helpful behaviour, a good piece of work and for the myriad of house competitions that take place during the school year. House points can only be won, not lost, which acts as an incentive for constructive behaviour. Children are allocated to one of the four school houses - Bishops, Crabtree, Hurlingham and Peterborough - on entry to the school, and siblings are always put in the same house to avoid rivalry.