The process of determining the right school for each individual requires much thought and input. We take many factors into consideration when steering pupils towards the move at 11+ and 13+. The process is led by the Head, the Deputy Head Academic and the 11+ Co-ordinator, and involves full consultation with parents and children.

Children need to feel challenged at their senior school but they also need to feel secure and that they can cope. Academic ability, social skills, creative talents and sporting prowess are among the factors taken into account when choosing the next steps.

For many children Fulham Senior will be the right choice. Others may take into account other considerations such as single sex or boarding. We have huge experience in preparing children for an array of schools, believing that it is more important to find the right school for the child rather than be a "feeder" for any particular school, even our own. We have an enviable record of children obtaining places at their first choice of school, as well as for winning scholarships and other awards.

Every year, we organise forums to which we invite Heads, or their representatives, from a selection of schools, to come to speak to parents about their particular schools and secondary education in general.

Guidelines on the procedures for 11+, pre-testing for 13+ entry and 13+ entry itself are given to parents.

Schools which parents have favoured are on the downloadable list below. If there is a school which you think should be on the list, or that we or parents should know about, please do let us know.