Fulham Prep

Our Prep School in Fulham paves the way for a fulfilling educational journey, ideal for children in Years 3 to 8. We offer an oasis in the city and a safe space that invites children to discover their passions and interests. Young learners explore subjects with an open mind, and actively participate in lessons that are structured by learning objectives. They are encouraged to ask questions, collaborate with their classmates, and contribute their opinions within a supportive setting.

Fulham Prep is a little over a mile away from our Pre-Prep School and is close to London's Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea Football Club.

Why Choose our Prep School in Fulham, London?

We believe that each pupil should follow the path that is right for them. We effectively prepare pupils for attendance at 30 or more schools in London and nationwide. Those wishing to build upon their achievement with our exceptional personalised learning approach may attend Fulham Senior School - one of the best options for secondary education in London and the UK.

Fulham Prep School Curriculum

Fulham Prep School Curriculum

Primary education should be informative and enjoyable, and we aim to convey the joys of learning to young students. Our innovative and broad curriculum is delivered by outstanding teachers who empower children to do their best by cultivating a relaxed, open atmosphere.

The Prep School curriculum is broad and balanced, offering the best preparation for pupils who are committed to reaching their goals through hands-on lessons. Alongside traditional subjects, young students enjoy project-based activities and after-school clubs in their free time. At this stage, they are encouraged to cultivate their creativity, develop broader life skills, and appreciate the interconnectivity between subjects.

Prep-level subjects include English, French, Spanish, Latin, mathematics, science, geography, history, ICT, art, music, theology, philosophy and religious studies (TPR), and PE.

Languages at Fulham Prep

Languages at our Prep School

Learning an additional language broadens the mind in numerous ways. Language study is an integral part of our curriculum at Fulham Prep School, and French lessons are compulsory for all pupils. Latin is introduced to the Prep timetable when students are in Year 5.

Fulham Prep School Learning Environment

Prep School Learning Environment

Prep students enjoy cutting-edge science laboratories, an art studio, a modern ICT suite, a music technology suite, a welcoming purpose-built library, and a well-equipped performing arts studio. Students may also use dedicated rooms for group and individual tutorials in music, dance and drama.

Given our central location, we are fortunate to have access to ample outdoor space, comprising an acre of grounds and two AstroTurf pitches. These onsite facilities are complemented by dedicated access to superb local sports facilities close to the school grounds - perfect for team matches, swimming galas, and much more.

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Continuous, Well-informed Care

In Years 3 and 4 of Prep School, children are taught primarily by their class teachers, each of whom is highly trained to deliver first-class Preparatory education. From Year 5 onwards, pupils start and end each day with their form tutors before moving to different classrooms for subject-specialist teaching. The Head of Year and school Pastoral Team work with tutors and teachers to ensure student well-being across all areas.


Dining Hall

The Prep School dining room is an inviting space, serving high-quality, age-appropriate meals that are prepared onsite each day by our kitchen team. The school's fresh and varied menu is updated weekly and includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot dishes. Children may enjoy a wide selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables and salads.


The House System

The House System is used to promote positive interaction amongst children of different ages. House points may be awarded for helpful behaviour, an admirable piece of work, or effort in a great number of school-wide competitions. House points can only be gained, not lost, which acts as an incentive for positive behaviour.

Within the House system, children belong to 'Fulham Families', consisting of learners from every year group, and remain members upon graduation.

A Word From Our Head of Prep School

neill lunnon fulham prep school head teacher

Neill Lunnon

Head of Prep School

Learning is life’s greatest adventure and at Fulham Prep we want every child to arrive each day with a sense of joy, excitement and wonder at what lies ahead. School should be fun and our innovative curriculum, relaxed and happy ethos and excellent teachers, offer just that, in and beyond the classroom.

We value kindness and service to others, which we see every day in the warm relationships between our staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves. There is nothing more important than being kind and a day does not go by when it is not seen in a thousand ways across this wonderful school. We seek to develop young people with a sense of gratitude, an understanding of responsibility and a deep and genuine care for others.

When asked what they most love about their school, our children are quick to talk about their teachers and for good reason. At Fulham Prep we are fortunate to have such a professional, committed and caring staff who share their sense of fun and joy with the pupils as they seek to support each child in an individual way.

We hope our website gives a flavour of life at Fulham Prep but there is no substitute for a visit in person to feel for yourselves what makes this such a special place to come to school. Fun and joy abound. There is a real sense of excitement and ambition as the school continues to develop. I look forward to welcoming you.

Special Events

The Prep School community holds traditional events throughout the year such as our Christmas Carol Service, Prize Giving, Sports Day and various end-of-term musical and theatrical productions.

We also organise annual events and activities, including Parents' Quiz Night, the Emmett Project, the regular FED Talk series, and a Charity Fun Run. Each year, children in Year 8 select the school charity for the year ahead.

Prep School Clubs & Activities

Alongside fun curricular activities, Fulham Prep School offers an impressive variety of after-school clubs. Optional pursuits allow children to explore a wide range of interests. In total, we provide over 50 clubs each term. Prep School clubs run from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm every afternoon and are led by school staff, who have excellent knowledge and expertise in a particular area, or approved external providers and independent agencies.

Prep-level after-school clubs balance traditional activities and modern disciplines to appeal to all pupils. Occasionally, half-term and holiday clubs are also available, depending on demand.

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Clubs and activities include:

Homework Club (Academic Support)

Students in Years 4 to 8 may attend an optional, supervised Homework Club from Monday to Thursday to complement in-class learning. Managing homework in a disciplined way is an essential aspect of primary education, as regular homework tasks allow children to build independent work habits with realistic, yet ambitious, age-appropriate exercises.

Homework Club sessions take place between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm. Additional academic activities include:

  • Robotics
  • Science
  • Pet Lovers
best sports at preparatory


Children may take part in team or solo sports practice. We offer coaching in football, cricket, rugby, netball and hockey, as well as gymnastics, athletics, basketball, tennis and swimming.

Fixtures in major school sports are played against other local schools, and children are invited to represent their school in an activity of their choice.

As a school, we emphasise the importance of team games in helping to build a sense of collaboration and belonging while honing individual skills and a healthy understanding of competition.

  • Rugby
  • Karate
  • Hockey
  • Girl's Football
performing arts in preparatory education

Creative & Performing Arts

Our art studio occupies the top floor of our Prep School building and offers a wonderfully creative environment. Students take delight in their achievements, which significantly boosts their confidence and fosters patience, resilience, and attention to detail.

In addition to one-to-one instrumental tuition, children may partake in regular informal and formal concerts in music recitals and choir performances. Fulham Prep School boasts five different choirs to suit singers of all ages and interests. As part of the Prep School English curriculum, most children attend at least one theatre performance each year, inspiring those who wish to participate in the annual stage production in front of family and friends. Rehearsal space is abundant, with access to The Parrish Performance Hall and the school's expansive dance and drama studios.

  • Choir Practice
  • Music, Games & Videos
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award

She has found a new home at Fulham School. To see her excited about going back a few weeks ago really reassured us that we made the right choice of schools. She truly holds a lot of pride and passion for the school, which is great to experience with her.

— Parent of Student

I would like to extend our genuine thanks to the school for the pastoral and academic support given to Nicolas. We have seen him grow into a much more independent and curious young man since he joined the school.

— Parent of Nicholas

I wanted to thank you for putting a smile on the faces of our family each morning! We all enjoy how you interact with Logan - especially Logan! He will tell us in the evening about his tactics for getting around you and Mr Marshall, so he can keep his hat on. It is a small thing, but it makes the drop-off (after what can be a bit of a rush!) just that much more pleasant. Personally, I love to see how both my kids are so keen to get to school and start the day.

— Kathleen, Parent of Students

Additional Services For Prep Students

SEND Support

The SEND team (Special Educational Needs and Disability) is active across the school. Led by the SEND coordinator, the team allocates support staff to assist students on the basis of the age of the pupil and their individual learning needs. Children at the Prep School level may receive support in the classroom, in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis.

Please note that depending on the intervention required, there may be an additional charge for external services.

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