Building a foundation for success in a nurturing environment

For over 25 years, Fulham School's mission has been to secure outstanding outcomes by delivering an exemplary education through innovative, personalised learning strategies. Nurturing the abilities of every child remains at the heart of our ethos. 

Fulham school aims to develop pupils who can:

•         Creatively and resiliently solve problems
•         Work independently, collaboratively and lead others
•         Show respect and compassion as global citizens

We have the following guiding principles:

•         Embracing innovation and enquiry
•         Universal wellbeing
•         Global responsibility
•         Positive engagement

fulham school about educational philosophy

A Path Towards Success

At Fulham School, our comprehensive exam preparation exemplifies our ongoing commitment to academic excellence. Each pupil is offered a curriculum featuring a range of subjects and activities, all of which foster open-mindedness and diverse interests, while supporting students as they uncover and develop their strengths.

Our school's hand-picked teachers instil broad-ranging skills and help children build a foundation for successful outcomes within a secure and exploratory setting.

The History of Our School

Fulham School was founded by Jane Emmett, who remains a governor. Since 1996, the school has grown from a single-class institution to educating 700 pupils while retaining a warm, family-like atmosphere.

Fulham School joins Inspired Education. As a member school, we draw upon a remarkable wealth of talent and expertise, offering our pupils a broad global perspective.

Fulham Senior School opens. We aim to maintain the nurturing, broad and inspiring nature of our curriculum for those in senior year groups.

We officially become Fulham School, incorporating Fulham Pre-Preparatory, Fulham Preparatory, and Fulham Senior School. The Prep School continues to prepare children for a range of destinations with 11+ and 13+ tuition.

Our new school campus on Chesilton Road is completed, accommodating students in Year 10 and above.

The school's Sixth Form division is launched, offering the A Level and BTEC programmes to 16 to 18 year olds.

Fulham Nursery opens, welcoming a larger Early Years community and establishing the groundwork for those beginning their learning journey at Fulham School.

Fulham Curriculum


Our school curriculums are accredited by the UK Department of Education and are designed to meet the needs of our pupils at every stage of their development. We offer the UK National Curriculum, GCSEs, A Levels and the BTEC Diploma. Each course promotes inquiry-based education, from Pre-Prep to Sixth Form, and delivers a hands-on, applied learning methodology.

Students follow a project-based approach across all subjects. This approach is also articulated in the annual' Fulham Project', a school-wide initiative by which each year group undertakes a single activity. Projects may involve a joint work of art, a play, the organisation of a party, a charity fundraiser, or an educational course for younger children.

The Fulham Project encourages collaboration between students and their teachers, allowing them to work towards a common cause in a way that characterises our community.

Mission & Vision

Our school is modern, forward-thinking and focused on identifying and developing each pupil’s talent. We are committed to supporting every child for the duration of their education.

When pupils feel confident, they are willing to try new tasks and apply their knowledge. Our mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to carve out promising, fulfilling futures.

Our school aims to develop pupils who can:

  • Creatively and resiliently solve problems
  • Work independently, collaboratively and lead others
  • Show respect and compassion to each other as global citizens

Educational Philosophy

Our independent school in Fulham provides excellence across the areas of academics, performing arts and sports. As education specialists, we seek to go beyond the confines of a traditional curriculum to teach long-lasting life and communication skills, study methods, time management, and other relevant competencies.

Our philosophy is defined by:

  • Project-based learning: trying, failing, iterating, succeeding
  • Skills and passions are cultivated across the core curriculum
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Open-ended assessments
  • Pupil leadership
  • Supporting well-being across the whole community
  • Teachers learning alongside their pupils
  • Being a London school with a global outlook
  • Progress over results

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