Fulham Nursery School, London

Our Nursery in Fulham, London, invites children aged 3 and 4 years old to join us on an exciting adventure of discovery underpinned by student-focused, holistic education. Our private Nursery is the newest addition to our school and is located on the Pre-Prep campus on Fulham High Street.

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Why Choose our Nursery School in Fulham, London?

Our private Nursery follows a multi-faceted, child-centred, relationship-based methodology. Inspired's early years education model is based on the latest developments in cognitive science and encourages children to participate in the nursery community.

As a result of our approach, young children feel valued by their friends and teachers and assimilate information from the beginning of the learning process, which increases their capacity to study as they progress through school.

Nursery Options

Nursery Options

Our nursery schedule follows a fixed daily timetable. Children who attend our Nursery arrive at 8.30 am and leave school at 3.30 pm. Parents and carers may extend or change their child's nursery timetable by requesting a tailored daycare plan for extended day.

Please note that additional fees may be required for the following options:

  • Breakfast Club: From 7.30 am
  • Early Bird: From 8.00 am
  • Night Owl: From 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm
  • Holiday Club: Half term, end of term and summer holidays.

The Curriculum at Fulham School Nursery

Our Nursery follows an accredited curriculum similar to the programmes delivered in private nurseries, preschools and early learning schools in the United Kingdom. However, in addition to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework outlined by the Department of Education, Inspired's Early Learning Approach further strengthens our education system.

Our early years curriculum aims to:

  • help young children apply their developing skills and transfer their knowledge to other areas.
  • build healthy relationships and explore new interests through enquiry-based strategies.

Once young children become independent, they develop autonomy, which helps them acquire long-term literacy and numeracy skills and enhanced critical-thinking abilities.

We are proud that our early years pedagogy effectively supports youngsters as they gain new skills and begin laying the foundation for future education. Our Nursery seeks to nurture their natural curiosity before they slowly transition to a more rigorous, teacher-led curriculum.

Our Nurseries Approach

Our Nurseries Approach

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • The competent, relational child
  • Creativity in childhood education for lifelong academic achievement
  • Deeply responsive teaching for understanding
  • Methods backed by research in neuroscience, intersubjectivity and small-group learning
  • Inspired's unique early years learning concept has been developed over many years and is implemented by our schools worldwide
Fulham Nursery School Environment

Fulham Nursery School Environment

We offer a vibrant and welcoming early years environment. Young learners benefit from an innovative educational setting that promotes cognitive, creative, communicative, and relational development. Healthy development involves assimilation through play, and the youngest members of our community enjoy exploring safe indoor and outdoor spaces under the supervision of highly experienced teachers.

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Supportive & Caring Teachers

Our nursery teachers adapt teaching methods to deliver a personalised experience to aspiring students. They build upon existing knowledge by understanding each individual's learning style and interests and empowering them to discover their surroundings. Consequently, lessons are responsive and engaging, enabling children of all abilities to demonstrate their skills and expand their potential across several topics. As experienced early years educators, our teachers structure the nursery timetable to offer variety, balancing explorative child-led learning opportunities with structured teacher-led sessions depending on the topic and lesson objectives.

Social Development

Social Development

A fundamental aspect of our approach is social development. Many of our early years staff are specialist nursery practitioners and understand the importance of collaborative group work in fostering social-emotional growth. Children learn from each other while working in pairs or small groups and take pride in their contributions to their community during class discussions, art projects, and interactive sessions. As a central aspect of our teaching methodology, collaborative early years education forms the foundation of crucial life skills and fosters critical thinking, group problem-solving, analysis, creativity and leadership abilities.

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