Fulham Senior School

Our Senior School in London provides a future-focused GCSE course in a welcoming and highly supportive environment, ideal for pupils who seek an engaging, broad-ranging secondary education from Years 9 to Year 11.

Our High School is situated on Chesilton Road in Fulham, West London for Year 10 and above, with Year 9 located at our Greyhound Road Campus, Fulham.

Why choose our High School in London?

Our Senior School's GCSE education offers excellent opportunities for young people who are ready to embrace their learning. Our UK curriculum couples traditional core subjects with specially selected activities that give all pupils the chance to discover their strengths, learn from their mistakes and grow in confidence.

At our Senior School, students are assisted by their teachers as they make vital learning decisions. We seek to ensure that our pupils excel in the areas they care about most, and are equipped to overcome challenges by supporting them every step of the way.

Fulham Senior School Curriculum

Year 9

Our transformative, creative, and inspiring curriculum distinguishes our Senior division. To support our students effectively, we implement a long-term assessment schedule, which goes hand-in-hand with personal support. Senior students take a timed test in most subjects each week. 'Cycle Assessment' allows us to combine traditional exam methods with innovative teaching techniques to reinforce GCSE learning methods. In addition, age-appropriate homework tasks are set according to a timetable.

In Year 9, the curriculum is broad to empower students to challenge their inquisitive minds across several topics. They discover their interests and strengths and gain a broader perspective on the world around them through increased awareness of global events.

Year 10 & 11

In Years 10 and 11, learning objectives become more specific and detailed in preparation for GCSE examinations. GCSE preparation is two-fold. Learners focus on understanding subject content, while also developing skills in analysis, evaluation, research and independent study. After-school activities balance academic education, and the Senior School timetable incorporates PSHE topics, and the 'Fulham Core' module, which is scheduled during tutor time.

We are proud to provide students with two unique school subjects: our weekly Communication Skills course and the Independent Learning Project, which is designed to equip pupils with robust research, analysis, communication, and presentation skills.

Senior School Class sizes are relatively small. The maximum number of students is 22, guaranteeing a high degree of personal support and sufficient opportunities for involvement in all lessons and activities.

The Fulham Project

On an annual basis, each year group comes together to design and deliver a project or service for others in the school community. To complete the project successfully, pupils need to communicate with each other, collaborate effectively, and follow the cycle of attempting, failing, refining and succeeding. Project work offers a unique way for students to apply the skills they have gained from other subjects, increase their resilience to challenges, adopt leadership skills, and demonstrate tolerance when faced with adversity.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The Senior School building is purpose-built, with modern glass architecture, adding brightness to the urban school environment. The school includes a variety of modern classrooms that have been designed to accommodate classes for year groups 9 to 13.

The Senior School facilities feature classrooms that have been designed to reflect their studies. Classrooms and learning spaces may be large, small, open plan or held in a lecture theatre. Lessons may also take place in our bespoke drama studio, the art room or in one of two science labs. 

The Tutor System at our Senior School

The Tutor System at our Senior School

The tutor system is at the heart of our school philosophy, underpinning each individual's learning journey to their socio-emotional growth and overall well-being. Tutors support the work of class teachers and are the main point of contact for parents and guardians. These highly-skilled professionals are well-equipped with expert knowledge of how to guide pupils throughout their journey in secondary education.

Senior School students meet their tutors every morning in a module known as ‘The Fulham Core’, due to its focus on core school values. During this module, Senior pupils explore their own value system with others in the learning community while in year group and school assemblies. PSHE lessons cover topics pertaining to values, health, education, and well-being.

languages at secondary education

Language Study

Language tutors aim to foster a love of additional language study, with student to student communication at the centre of our approach. Pupils are introduced to the cultures of people across Europe which gives them insight into the lives of others. Language lessons are designed to be fun and stimulating, while also strengthening communication skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

A Word From Our Head


Dr Philip Purvis

Head of Senior School

I am extremely proud that Fulham Senior School provides a friendly and stimulating co-educational environment. We combine success in GCSE and A level examinations with igniting lifelong passions, interests and friendships that will endure long after pupils leave us.

In seeking to achieve these aims, we encourage pupils to focus on their futures; it is such a privilege to be able to do so. I believe that you can sense our holistic focus on succeeding in all aspects of life, and our future-forward mindset, the minute you walk through the doors of our modern campus in the heart of Fulham.

Importantly, our specialist teachers and support staff have no preconceived idea of what paths our pupils ought to take. Instead, we work collaboratively to provide personalised support and guidance through every step of our pupils’ educational journeys so that they may determine their own paths. This personalised approach means we take every opportunity to nurture and celebrate pupils’ ability and success on their own terms, as well as in relation to any external benchmarks.

Against this backdrop, I am confident that the Fulham Senior School curriculum combines an outstanding core education with an exciting array of optional subjects and co-curricular activities, especially in Music, Drama, and Sport. In everything we do, we support our pupils, enabling them to solve problems creatively and resiliently: be that independently or as part of a group. We also seek to impart the real-world skills that our pupils will need to lead others in a changing and challenging world. And, to help them to navigate it, we emphasise the need for respect, compassion, and a truly global outlook.

Fulham Senior School represents the culmination of the Fulham School journey. It marks the end of one chapter and the turning of a page to another. I hope you will visit the School to see for yourself the opportunities that lie beyond its doors which—taken together—enable pupils to begin to pen their own story; I look forward to welcoming you when you do.

Secondary School Clubs & Activities

Most students learn best through practice and experience, as opposed to memorisation. The practical application of knowledge and in-depth discussion are critical in the process of developing creative and practical competencies. Secondary education specialists create the space for pupils to explore topics without judgement and encourage individuals to delve deeper into concepts to promote expansive understanding.

Senior School Activities

Senior School Activities

Senior students enjoy an array of extracurricular activities that reflect their interests. Activities are led by passionate teachers and coaches, who offer fun and exciting opportunities for students to broaden their skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity and analysis.

  • Subject Support Clinic

  • Arts & Crafts Club

  • Chess Club

  • Music Ensemble

  • Science Club

  • Coding Club

  • Podcast Creation

  • Debate Team

  • Model United Nations

senior pupils

Games and PE Lessons

All Senior pupils attend PE lessons and Games Afternoons. At this level, PE focuses on individual practice across various activities, while games afternoons concentrate on team sports. Many sports are available, including football, cricket, rugby, netball, rounders, gymnastics, athletics, basketball, hockey, tennis and swimming. Specific after-school clubs, such as rowing and climbing, take place at local clubs off-campus.

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
drama in secondary education

Music & Drama

Music is an essential element of the Arts Pillar. Most pupils take individual lessons in one or more instruments, and a wide choice of choirs, orchestras and ensembles enable musical collaborations, disciplined preparation and performance experience.

  • Choir
  • Theatre
  • Film-making
  • Orchestra

Each year, all teachers debate a single issue or topic from the point of view of their various disciplines in the presence of their students. Debates may address social issues, such as crime and imprisonment, or engineering challenges, such as designing and promoting the perfect electric car. They may also address a significant historical period and its impact on science, maths and language, such as the Age of Enlightenment. This school-wide event enhances cross-disciplinary understanding and helps students conceptualise how their learning can be applied to solve real-world problems.

The core curriculum provides subject knowledge and enhances enterprise, public speaking, teamwork and presentation skills. As part of daily practice, teachers also help students refine 'soft skills', including structured writing, planning, logic and sequencing. In traditional subjects, children are encouraged to distinguish skills and content so that they understand how to apply their learning. For example, analysis skills gained in history class may facilitate the successful evaluation of an argument for an R.E. essay; socially, the same skills may help students win a debate among their peers at break time.

Failsafe: Project-Based Learning Our school is in the process of developing Failsafe, a programme designed to encourage pupils to take academic risks and remain resilient to failure. We want children to appreciate the cycle of attempting, failing, refining and succeeding to increase their tolerance of unfamiliar challenges. Obstacles may defeat an individual for longer than necessary; however, the school environment is where pupils can learn to adopt a positive mindset and remain determined to succeed. The values of discipline, work, resilience, and determination are fostered across the school during project-based learning, which also promotes independence, group work and problem-solving skills

Additional Services for Senior Students

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

All pupils are supported by an experienced and dedicated SEND team that works across Fulham School. Our approach is for all pupils to engage with different learning styles, supported by the advice of subject and support specialists: learning needs are the responsibility of all, not just one department.

Small classes and regular individual meetings allow both teachers and pupils to engage in a productive and fruitful dialogue. However, the SEND team supports this learning process through in-class provision, small group classes and one-to-one classes. Please note that additional support may incur an additional fee.

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