GCSEs at Fulham School, London

The GCSE (General Certificate of Education) provision at our High School in London provides an exciting and broad course for students aged 14 to 16 in a first-class, city-based environment.

We ensure that pupils are well-supported as they begin studying towards Cambridge GCSE examinations and coursework objectives. This world-recognised curriculum offers a breadth of learning through a multidisciplinary approach. At our school, GCSE candidates gain the encouragement they need to fully immerse themselves in their studies and enjoy regular excursions to complement the IGCSE syllabus.

Our school is located close to central London, near areas of historical and cultural interest.

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Why Choose our School to Study GCSEs?

Our highly-regarded UK GCSE course is delivered to students in London and across the country as a compulsory element of the National Curriculum in England, Wales and Ireland. At this stage, pupils in secondary education demonstrate increased independence and begin to make learning decisions that have a long-lasting impact on their success. To support them, we ensure they maintain the discipline to excel in the fields they care about most while encouraging them to apply themselves to more challenging topics.

GCSE Curriculum

Typically, the GCSE curriculum is built around six core subjects: English Literature and Language, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. Students must also choose at least one modern foreign language and three optional GCSE subjects. Options are selected to reflect interests, passions and prospective career choices.

Optional GCSEs

Currently, our learners may choose from the following GCSE options:

  • Art
  • Photography
  • Drama
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Religious Studies
  • History
  • Geography
  • PE
  • Computing

The ‘Fulham Core’ module is taught during tutorial sessions each morning. It is a group project that complements the inquiry-based strategies promoted in the GCSE course material. At the Senior School level, learners are encouraged to participate in team sports, school events and creative activities.


GCSE Examinations

Throughout the year, teachers set students individual targets to help them achieve good outcomes at their own pace. Mock GCSE examinations are a final, important testing mechanism ahead of formal GCSE exams and assessments at the end of Year 11.

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GCSE teaching specialists are passionate about bringing the curriculum to life. They set regular assignments and undertake classroom observations to develop a detailed picture of each child’s needs and abilities  and the GCSE level.

All GCSE candidates may choose up to four optional GCSE subjects, usually including a language. Cambridge, the GCSE examination Board, specify that students take some compulsory subjects. These are: science, English Literature and English Language, and mathematics. GCSE course options may vary from year to year, however, we offer an exciting GCSE programme that offers variety for every student.

At the GCSE level, coursework and examinations are assessed following a standardised GCSE grading system that ranges from A*, the highest possible GCSE grade, to U, the lowest possible grade. All work completed as part of the Cambridge course will be given a fixed grade and contribute to a final subject mark in Year 11.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally-accepted variation of the UK-delivered GCSE course. Both secondary programmes offer a wide range of subject options; however, the IGCSE programme differs slightly from its UK counterpart, as schools may adapt content to meet the needs of learners outside of the UK. Despite some differences in the GCSE and IGCSE syllabus, the two academic programmes offer similar topic material and provide a wide choice of subjects. Both options are marked with rigour and follow the same Cambridge-specific assessment protocol.

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Before completion of the GCSE course in Year 11, our GCSE education specialists will assist students in progressing to further study. Most GCSE graduates will go on to study for their A Levels or the BTEC, both of which are available at our school.

The GCSE framework requires that all entrants undertake exams and coursework under the strict conditions outlined by the Cambridge GCSE exam board. Depending on the subject, students may be asked to submit recorded performances, oral language assessments or practicals as part of the marking process.

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