Fees are payable on the first day of each term, except for new families with children in Reception, who are billed earlier in the summer before they start. The School reserves the right to charge interest on any monies not received by due dates.

Lunch is compulsory for all except Reception children.

Some clubs, for example those offering specialist provision, may be charged at different rates. The rates for individual clubs will be published termly as part of the sign-up process.

Charges also apply for additional 1-1 SEN tuition.

The transport fee is the rate for termly return journeys. Specific arrangements for one-way and occasional use may be made directly with the Transport Co-ordinator.

Further information is contained in the School’s Terms and Conditions.



Senior   £7, 189 per term
Prep   £6, 818 per term
Pre-Prep   £6, 140 per term



Please contact us for information regarding prices for lunch, clubs, SEN tuition and transport.