Parents/guardians are required to pay a deposit of £2,000 per child entering Pre-Prep or Prep School and £2,500 for students entering Senior School. To confirm an acceptance offer, parents/guardians must also sign and submit a copy of the school's terms and conditions.

Registration fees and deposits* are reviewed annually. Deposits will be returned at the end of the final term of attendance at the school.

*Please note that deposits are non-refundable should you decide not to take a place that you have previously accepted.

Deposit will be returned subject to the school receiving at least one term of notice before a student's intended departure. Please note that any monies owed to the school will be deducted from the deposit amount.

Senior £8,243 per term
Prep £7,817 per term
Pre-Prep £7,040 per term
Nursery £7,040 per term, including lunch


  • Pre-Prep: £315 per term
  • Pre & Senior: £350 per term


  • One way: £160 per term
  • Return: £235 per term

Additional Information

Please contact our Admissions Team via our Enquiry Form for information regarding specialist SEND tuition.

Fees are due on the first day of each term with the exception of students in Reception, who are billed during the summer before their start date. The school reserves the right to charge interest on any monies not received by specified payment dates.

Clubs and some extracurricular activities, especially those offering professional external coaching, may be charged at different rates. A list of updated club fees is published each term.

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