Fulham School is a non-denominational school with a Christian ethos welcoming all children regardless of race or faith. Our approach is co-educational and inclusive. We believe all learners benefit from diversity of ability, from those with the most academic confidence to those who need more support. A mix of strengths and aptitudes makes for a healthy and dynamic environment, avoiding some of the artificial pressure imposed by selection on narrow criteria. It enables all pupils fully to achieve their own potential.

The main entry point is at Reception, where we are proud to boast of very small class sizes, but we also have intakes from 7, 8, 11 and 13 years of age (school years 3,4,7 and 9), with occasional places available in other years. We prepare pupils for competitive entry to other senior schools at 11+ or 13+ and to entry to university, training or employment at 18+.

Entry to Fulham Prep and Senior is automatic for pupils from Pre-Prep and Prep respectively, though pupils continuing to Fulham Senior will sit an assessment to help inform senior teaching.

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Siblings and Equality of Opportunity

Siblings of children currently being educated at the school are given priority subject to the availability of places. A 10% discount is applied to the younger child’s fees while the oldest child remains in the School. In line with the Equality Act 2010 and our own passionate belief in equality of opportunity, Fulham welcomes applications from pupils of all social and cultural backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, religion, home language, family background, disability or other attributes.


Children are admitted to Reception in the Autumn Term of the school year in which they turn 5. Early registration is advised: Fulham Pre-Prep is non-selective and offers of places are considered on a first-come, first-served, basis, taking into account the desire to achieve a balanced intake of girls and boys and a mix of birth dates within the academic year, as well as sibling priority. Throughout the Pre-prep school we are proud to offer smaller class sizes in all of our years from Nursery through to Year 2.

Depending on date of registration, gender and birth date applicants are placed on one of three lists:

  • Main list: guaranteed an offer of a place
  • Reserve list: likely to be offered a place once main list responses are processed
  • Wait list: offered places in strict order as and when they become available

All registered families are invited to regular open mornings and a formal tour with the Head in the academic year before entry. Main list offers are made in the January of the starting year, and reserve list offers in February. After acceptance of a place staff visit children at their nursery settings and new pupils are invited to an orientation morning in June prior to entry.

Procedure for entry to Reception from 2020

An amended procedure applies to applicants for entry from 2020. All families will be contacted at the end of the October prior to September entry and informed whether they are on the main, reserve or wait list. Main list applicants will be offered three options:

  • Accept directly to secure the place
  • Defer acceptance until the main offers go out in January
  • Decline the offer

This procedure enables us to provide clarity to all families and move applicants up from the reserve and wait lists as expeditiously as possible.

Prep and Senior

Entry to the Prep is automatic for pupils from the Pre-Prep. We do not prepare children for 7+ or 8+ entry to other prep schools. Entry to Fulham Senior is in turn automatically available for pupils from the Prep, who reserve places in March of the year they turn 11 (school year 6). In any one year it is envisaged that around half of the pupils from the Prep may continue to the Senior School with others continuing to achieve places at a wide range of day and boarding schools.

External applicants to join from ages 7, 8, 11 and 13 (school years 3, 4, 7 and 9) must register by 31 October in the year prior to September entry. All external applicants for school years 3, 4, 7, 9, and 12 must register by 31st October in the year prior to September entry. All registered candidates complete a process of assessment and interview by the January of the school year before they start. The process is designed to help us maintain a balanced cohort with a diverse mix of abilities. Academic ability is one element and helps to inform the support we offer successful applicants but in line with our inclusive approach children are not selected on purely academic grounds. Non-academic abilities and aptitudes are given significant weight in the process.

Occasional places

Occasional places may be available outside of the formal entry points. This will generally involve interview and informal assessment, with children invited to spend some time in a class of pupils of a similar age.

Registration and Deposits

From September 2019, a non-refundable fee of £125 per child is payable at time of registration (note that registration does not guarantee a place). This fee is £135 if paying from an overseas bank account. Acceptance of offers must be confirmed with a deposit of £2,000 per child and signed acceptance of the terms and conditions. Registration fees and deposits are reviewed annually.

Deposits will be returned at the end of the final term of attendance at the School, subject to a term’s notice and after the deduction of any monies owed. New parents should note that if they decide not to take up a place which they have already accepted the deposit is in these circumstances non-refundable. All parents, including new parents, must give a term’s notice of intended departure or pay a term’s fees in lieu of notice.


“I've been so impressed with Fulham School's emphasis on helping each child find their path in a nurturing environment while at the same time challenging them, but without the constant feeling that they are never good enough”