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A Levels offer a path towards deeper subject understanding. Our students are offered a range of A Level courses that are designed to encourage independent thinking and academic rigour. By teaching A Levels to those in our learning community, we effectively prepare pupils for the next stage of their education.

Why Study A Levels with Us?

Why Study A Levels with Us?

Our Sixth Form has a 25-year history of delivering academic excellence in UK curriculums. Selecting the best option for Higher Education is vital, and it is crucial that you give yourself the best chance to succeed. At our Sixth Form, young adults gain a wealth of experience from our enthusiastic, passionate staff, who know how to help their students excel in examinations through a long-term student-centred approach.

Aside from receiving first-class tuition, it is essential that students take hold of every opportunity to stand out from other University and College applicants. As part of the Inspired group of schools, our learners enjoy individualised learning, exciting international trips, and the chance to apply their new-found skills across more than 23 countries across the globe.

A Level Curriculum

A Level Curriculum

Our A Level curriculum expands students' academic competencies at the Sixth Form level. Students may select three subjects best aligned to their interests, and each subject is tailored to help senior pupils delve deeper into specific topics. For those wishing to apply to top universities, A Level qualifications are a good indicator of thorough independent study abilities.

Most of the curriculum is delivered through tutor-led lessons, student-led primary and secondary research, and coursework.

As a higher learning course, the curriculum is multi-disciplinary and offers the opportunity to demonstrate independence, creativity and an understanding of key concepts. Core skills are assessed at the end of the academic year.

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Our specialist A Level teachers and lecturers are dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive. As part of the A Level teaching approach, our A Level subject experts equip young adults with the ability to delve deeper into in-class learning with study groups, student-teacher tutorials and teacher-led research projects.

A Level study consists of coursework and final examinations set by Edexcel and AQA, UK-based A Level examination boards. Most A Level subjects require students to sit one or more papers; however, this is subject dependent. Candidates are given ample time to prepare for formal tests. All timed AS and A2 assessments take place at our Sixth Form, and students will receive their results in August, following their final exams.

A Levels grades are delivered to all candidates according to the AQA and Edexcel guidelines. Coursework and examination grades are awarded for all submitted work and range from A*, the highest grade, to E. Our Sixth Form exceptional education aims to ensure all learners achieve top A Level results in their chosen subjects.

The A Level course and the IBD programme are both highly respectable academic options. Students who gain good results in either the IBDP or the A Level course have a promising chance of entering a top university in the UK and overseas upon completion of their education.

The A Level course option is a UK-based curriculum pathway, with AQA and Edexcel delivering the syllabus and providing accreditation across a range of academic subjects. A Level study is generally popular in UK curriculum schools, while the Diploma Programme offers a more internationally-focused course, and is taught in Sixth Forms, College and High Schools worldwide.

The IB Diploma route is a good option for students who require a more inquiry-based, global outlook in their Sixth Form education, while the A Level route is an excellent option for those who require a more academically-focused, traditional option.

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Students complete the requirements of the A Level course when they have undertaken exams and coursework at the AS and A2 level of study. Shortly after results are awarded, students will receive a transcript accompanied by a A Level diploma. A Level diplomas provide details of the examination board, final grades and the overall qualifications obtained.

A Level assessments give examiners and teachers insight into how effective teaching and learning strategies have been for a particular pupil. Students may also find formal assessments helpful to understand how well they are performing in a particular subject.

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